6th of January 2010

The 6th of January was the first day of our Hospital appointments for the year. This day turned out to be a very busy day packed full of appointments.

It started with an 8am pick up by the hospital transport (dont look at the date on the photo as we have needed hospital transport a few times) with the friendly and chatty Roy.

930am was an xray of Samuels femur as it was broken the end of December last year, but wasnt plastered at that time as it was so swollen.

He was then reviewed by the Orthopedic Surgeon

He was plastered straight away with a sexy black number…

Samuel then at 1030am had an Intratheical Baclofen Pump Refill. (Sorry if the spelling was wrong). I will put up a video of the refill being done soon. I have to edit it and take out some of the conversations on it for privacy reasons.

At 12pm Samuel had an EEG to check some funny eye movements that were new to rule out they werent a new form of seizures he was having. I will put up a video of the EEG also. I couldnt upload it today, Im doing something wrong, Im still learning to master the computer. I will get there.

Our last appointment for the day was to bi-valve Samuels cast. This meant that the cast was cut in half then reattached with velcro. In the hottest stand out colour available. This was Taylors choice, as we allow her to chose some things for Samuel at his Hospital visits so she doesnt feel left out.

Our time of departure from the hospital was at 2pm. Our wonderful driver Roy safely delivered us home in the Hospital Transport as Samuel still cant sit in his wheelchair because of his broken leg.

Michael then comes home a few hours later with a mid-life-crisis on his arm.

That alone was enough to top off an exhaustive day….

Much more acceptable than an affair even though I despise tattoos….

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Jo-ann XXX

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8 Responses
  1. Debbie Hammond says:

    Poor little man having a broken leg, as if he hasn’t gone through enough.

    Sorry, but I had to laugh at your remarks on Michael’s tattoo “Mid life crisis”, LOL

    Knowing Michael, I guess it has meaning?

  2. theboss says:

    Debbie, When Michael walked in wielding a bloody Tattoo I could have ‘killed’ him. Tattoo’s are my pet hate, they end up looking like road kill splattered on the body as you age. If that is the worst of his mid-life-crisis, I certainly can accept it. Yes it sure does have a lot of meaning to Michael, its a carefully thought out design.

    Samuels leg was extremely painful. Thankfully it seems brain injured children lay down bone quite quickly. It has healed now to my relief.

    Jo-ann XXX

  3. Jo-ann,
    This is a very nice site you have setup. The visual impact upon entry is…definitely one that will make people stay on your site.
    Thanks for sharing these experiences.


  4. Natalie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I work with special needs children. Last week we got a new student who is a drowning survivor. We do not know much and there isn’t much on the internet. He is such a beautiful miracle and I want to help him in his recovery since it has only been a few months since his accident. Any advice you can give me as a teacher’s aide would be great. We work with children that were born with their disability. It is so heartbreaking to see this beautiful child have his life changed so drastically.


    • theboss says:

      Hi Natalie, special children need more wonderful people like you, thank you for being a Teachers Aide.
      What Country are you from, and how old is this darling Child, also can you tell me what abilities he has left.

      Can you please Email me the information privately at……..

      Jo-ann XX

  5. Antonio Wakefield says:

    Hello I have read sum of ur story an my 8year old survived a drowning an he to has a baclofen pump an my girlfriend an I are coping with this,but I will read sum more of ur story an share it with girlfriend

  6. Danielle says:

    August 7th 2013 my 2 year old daughter was in a near drowning accident. She also had the same spams. She is diagnosed with ataxia and aphasia. Your story, thoughts, emotions are as if I had written these blogs myself. For a year I searched for someone with the same story as mine and never found it. I found your site by accident. I would love to hear how your son is doing now.

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